Greer Tappert

I'm an expressive, colourful, diverse Artist who loves to create stories and evoke memories through my work. I specialise in acrylic, watercolour and illustration, painting on many surfaces from paper, canvas, surfboards and wine barrels, to large-scale wall murals. My portfolio also includes wine labels, my own card range, prints, and my first Illustrated children's book. My work is a unique combination of impressionistic, abstract and realism; my own secret recipe of techniques, materials and tools. I'm inspired by mother nature, creatures great and small, and bright colours. I exhibit regularly, as an Artist in residence at Rosenvale Vineyards and Williamstown Bakery. I paint live and speak at corporate and community events, often raising money for charities which is also my passion, to give back where I can. I run acrylic workshops across Adelaide, educate and mentor fellow Artists and sell my work to collectors across Australia, in the UK, US and Europe.