‘Florals 3’

You may have noticed the use of pink in all the artworks. As my favourite colour, I’ve made the conscious decision to use it for all my under-paintings. The other reason is that throughout history, artwork made by women has tragically been subjected to theft and deception, with many of their works being sold under different names. Due to prevailing gender biases, female artists often faced difficulties in establishing their own artistic identity and gaining rightful attribution for their creations. Consequently, some individuals and art dealers took advantage of this vulnerability, appropriating their art without acknowledgment and disguising it under male pseudonyms or accredited another male artist, effectively erasing the female artists' contributions from the annals of art history. This distressing practice not only robbed these women of their rightful recognition but also perpetuated a damaging narrative of invisibility and disempowerment within the art world.
Red Roses

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