Melak Khaleel

Melak Khaleel (she/her), an emerging visual artist, explores the boundaries of art through a blend of traditional and contemporary themes. With focus on deconstructing social and patriarchal stereotypes, Melak's work explores cultural and personal identity through a queer, intersectional feminist lens. Influenced by her Muslim, Kurdish and Arab culture, she weaves vibrant colours, social commentary, and an array of mediums into her creations. Each piece is a testament to Melak's commitment to shedding light on the intricate intersectionality between culture, religion, politics, and identity. Her artwork challenges the viewers to reconsider preconceived notions and embrace the complexity of the human experience. With an unwavering dedication to art, education and social justice, Melak aims to pave the way for a new wave of thought-provoking and boundary-pushing artists.