‘Bloom 2023’ Fine Art Print

A colourful display of florals as my love letter to the women of the Renaissance art era. This work pays homage to those courageous women who were often denied access to art spaces or receiving art education. I wish to show gratitude for the path they'd paved for people like me and the impact of their work until this day. This show will serve as a reminder of my commitment to sharing stories of women and marginalised communities through my art. Through this collection, we are reminded of the unwavering strength and untapped talents of the women who were only allowed to make their mark in history through still-life and floral paintings. My wish is to echo their silent struggles and undying determination, inviting you to contemplate the power of art as a means of liberation for women throughout history. Original painting: 20x20cm acrylic paint & resin sealer on wooden board. Art print: A3 size embellished fine art print.

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