Roscoe Shelton

Roscoe Shelton is an emerging impressionist artist however he is anything but new to the world of art. Roscoe is always trying something new, in 2024 he has opened the Art of Roscoe Studio Gallery, Lot 14 Regent Arcade in Adelaide. Roscoe's late father was a talented painter who learnt from some of Australia's most notable painters, however never had the opportunity to pursue his passion. Roscoe also chose to carve a career away from the paintbrush, in successful roles with Mobil, Department for Environment and Natural Resources, as well as 20 years as proprietor of Flinders Camping. With a colourful and story-filled career behind him, Roscoe has been able to pick up the paint brush again in recent years and pursue his own passion for painting. With oil on canvas, Roscoe uses his art to draw you into experiencing a remote reality, whether it be the riverbeds and steep gorges of outback Arkaroola to the colours of sunrise reflected on the ocean horizon.