Evie Hassiotis

For the last five years, Evie has produced a variety of mixed-media artwork while being a resident artist at The Mill. During this time, she has had a SALA exhibition called Xenitia (exile), exploring her journey from Greece in the early 1960’s. She has also been attending mainly portrait workshops at ACSA and attending life drawing sessions on a regular basis at Gallery One. She loves to run small workshops in her studio for adults and children where participants can learn the basic skills of using various materials and also tap into creative expression. In her own practice, Evie is excited about how art can transform a person and a place and she loves art that challenges her and asks questions about the philosophy of life. In her workshops, she encourages the participants to experiment, try new materials and find their own way to their style. Even though Evie has had some commissioned work over the years, she prefers working intuitively.

Evie Hassiotis currently has no artworks for sale.

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