Samantha Tipler

Capturing Nature's Ever-Changing Beauty. Samantha Tipler, an artist from the coastal beauty of Henley Beach, South Australia, finds inspiration in the wonders of nature. After studying at the SA School of Art, she lived in the UK & Europe, drawing influences from her surroundings. Her favoured medium, acrylic, allows her to infuse vibrant colours and textures into her art, creating dynamic and energetic pieces. Impacted by the French Impressionists and the Australian Heidelberg School, she also found inspiration in European art havens like Musee d'Orsay and the Salvador Dali museum. Living in Bristol ignited her love for street art, adding urban flair to her work. Brett Whitely's expressive style resonates with her, and she frequently explores art galleries in Australia. Samantha's paintings are a vivid ode to nature's boundless beauty, with a mix of colours, patterns, and textures, inviting viewers to partake in a journey of vibrancy and energy.