West Beach Boat Ramp

Memories at West Beach is a poignant ode to nostalgia, depicting the serene shores of West Beach during the early golden hour. In this abstract oil painting, the artist captures the essence of cherished childhood memories intertwined with the natural beauty of the coastal landscape. The canvas portrays the tranquil expanse of the beach, bathed in the soft, warm hues of the setting sun. The golden light dances upon the sand dunes and casts long shadows, while the gentle waves caress the shore. Seaweed scattered along the sands and sturdy rocks jutting out of the water add to the authenticity of the scene. Yet, it is the subtle details that evoke the deepest emotions. Each element – from the meticulously rendered sand grains to the wisps of cloud in the cloud in the sky – pays homage to a cherished childhood memory. In the foreground, a scattering of ashes serves as a poignant tribute to a beloved grandfather, whose spirit remains intertwined with the sands of West Beach.

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