Monique Prommersberger

Born and raised in Germany, my journey began at a very young age, always drawing, sketching or painting. After traveling through Australia at the age of 19, I decided to make the Land Down Under my home. As an artist, I am drawn to the concept of exploring the unknown, and discovering the beauty that lies beyond the well-worn path. My paintings are a celebration of the process of discovery, each piece being a part of the journey, and a reflection of my inner and external world. Abstract art is my passion—it's where I find my flow state and connect deeply with my intuition. When I paint and create, I enter a realm of pure joy and fulfilment, knowing that I'm fully aligned with my purpose. While acrylics are my preferred medium, I also enjoy incorporating charcoal and wax pens to add intricate details to my work. Through the use of texture, layers, shapes and refined colours, I seek to create works that evoke a sense of depth, complexity, and beauty.