Kerstin Freund

I want my paintings to express the endless joy I feel when I am creative. I have always been fascinated by nature and feel connected to it. Capturing nature’s beauty and harmony and particularly how light transforms landscapes and seascapes into something magical that is changing every minute inspires me. I want the viewer of my art to be able to experience these emotions. I love to paint with oil to create realistic works that still reveal individual brush strokes and marks on closer inspection. I am an Adelaide Hills based artist and paint part-time in my home studio. I love the texture of oil paint, and enjoy using both brushes and palette knives. I like to challenge myself by trying out new mediums and techniques and am constantly on the lookout for new subjects and inspirations. Still working full to part-time, I try to steal as much time as possible to spend in my studio and love to share my work and journey with you.