Evie Catt

Evie is a contemporary visual artist based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. She works mainly with ink and wash and and is just starting to showcase her work after spending time abroad. She has studied contemporary Japanese calligraphy while living and working in Japan and is continually developing her own style that utilises her unique knowledge and experiences with a balance of the Japanese minimalist aesthetic and her own expressionism. Evie has entered and showcased her more traditional work while in Japan in two exhibitions. In the second exhibition in 2023, her work was recognised and she received a Tokusen (Judges Choice) Award in the Seishinsha Contemporary Calligraphy Competition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. She is still considered an emerging artist in this field and will be entering the SALA festival for her first Australian exhibition in her own unique style. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts.

Evie Catt currently has no artworks for sale.

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