Christopher Hartshorn

Making recycled metal sculptures Is my passion I've been creating art now for 30 years I self taught myself and over time I developed a successful art business.i started in Sydney Paddington mkts asked everybody what do you think and what should I make.i bought a large property in Hawkesbury river built a factory with acres of my vintage steel .all totally dedicated to sculpture manufacturing.i had a few galleries and some nice show better homes and gardens came and did a few shows.NSW art gallery commisiond me to build 2 large stainless steel Ned Kelly sculptures ror entrance to Sydney Nolan respective exhibition.big day out music festival and others hired my purpose built large cosmic sculpture ecsentric hyper.frendly attitude seamed a good mix to achieve in this artist performer girlfriend said Hey darl fancy buying a 1880 church in a ghostown in South Australia with studio and bet I said we hope to work alongside talented artists

Christopher Hartshorn currently has no artworks for sale.

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