Chris Beasley

I was diverted from art by the exigencies of life until my late thirties, but fortunately was able to return to art studies and practice and now revel in art-making. I mostly produce oil paintings and ‘block’ prints (which are similar to lino or wood cut prints), sometimes using collage or fabrics. The art works I make attend to the singularities of people and natural forms in ways that often offer somewhat unconventional perspectives and styles. I aim to provide alternative viewpoints without necessarily forgoing all connections to realism or figurative influences. I tend to produce works that involve a degree of detail, even when there might be some level of abstraction. I do not have one subject or one style. Rather I am interested in experimentation to reveal the particular. I have a parallel life as an academic alongside being an artist, so I like engaging with and paying attention to others, writing about social justice issues and making art.