Catherine Nguyen-Hoang

Hello! I am an emerging contemporary artist, with a focus on painting and drawings, and who works to inspire and to be inspired. I started painting simply as a project with my four children as part of their self-exploration, but I fell in love with it too. I am a self-taught emerging artist and outside of my work in education, I find time to paint and explore my creative identity as part of my lifelong learning. Some of my commendable successes so far include participating in the SALA festival, creating a commission for the University of Adelaide, that is now displayed in the Deputy Vice Chancellor's reception, and recognition as a finalist in the National Emerging Art Prize and the Revival Emerging Artist Prize in 2023. In 2024, I have also been recognised as a finalist in the Ravenswood Australian Women Art Prize. Throughout my journey so far, I have built on my artistic skills and continue to explore my creative identity to create works that best represent me.

Catherine Nguyen-Hoang currently has no artworks for sale.

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