Caitlin Mohr

Caitlin Mohr, (b. 1999, South Africa, she/her) is a Tarndanya/Adelaide based self-taught artist whose work is primarily concerned with processes of introspection and the peeling back of social layers that influence human nature. Her work exposes untapped vulnerability and is influenced by her observations of disconnection within her community. This, coupled with her own ongoing experimentations with various practices of self discovery, that allow her to forfeit control and bare all, Caitlin seeks to uncover purity of identity through the breaking down and subsequent reconstruction of ideas. Möhr predominantly works with oil paint, and over years of self-teaching has developed her own visual vocabulary - her busy, intriguing paintings challenge viewers and are filled with colour and texture. Möhr also spends time creating clay sculptures and installation work to interconnect her paintings.

Caitlin Mohr currently has no artworks for sale.

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