Caitlin Mohr

Caitlin Möhr, a self-taught artist based in Tarndanya, invites viewers into a world where introspection meets vulnerability. Through her explorations, Möhr delves into the essence of human emotion and identity, seeking to uncover purity amidst the complexities of existence. Working primarily with oil paint, she employs abstract, surreal, and figurative techniques to conceptualize her innermost experiences and observations. Inspired by a spiritual perspective that views the self as multidimensional and expansive, Möhr challenges societal labels, urging viewers to look beyond the surface and connect with their true formless essence. Her work serves as a catalyst for authentic expression, fostering meaningful connections between individuals and the natural world. Möhr's visual vocabulary, honed over years of self-teaching, is rich with symbolism, color, and texture. Her paintings, often accompanied by written word, sculpture, installation, and multimedia elements.