Vivid Delights

Vivid De-Lights (2023) By Elizabeth Solich, oil on canvas, recycled materials. Very little is known about Pyjama squid's mating habits. The female deposits her eggs in small clumps, under coral rubble or rocks. The young are born with their distinctive stripes fully visible. Males initiate mating by pulling the female close and then touching head-to-head. The male squid then inserts a spermatophore, or a sperm packet, towards her mouth. She will hold on to this packet until she is ready to lay eggs. The male will also use a specialized arm to scoop out previously deposited spermatophore packets. These sensitive cephalopods respond poorly to excessive light, loud noises, or too much activity outside their natural habitat. Pyjama squid love to celebrate Valentine's Day on 14 February by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends.

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