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Before I started school, one of my daily afternoon rituals was watching the Channel Niners. The main attraction of the show was, of course, Humphrey B. Bear. Another highlight was the weekly drawing competition. There was always a theme - Freddo Frog playing football, Freddo Frog at the beach, Freddo Frog eating ice cream and so on. (Clearly Cadbury was a big sponsor.) As soon as the week's theme was announced I'd get to work, draw my entry and give it to Mum to post. Once I won a consolation prize. We had to go to the Channel 9 studios to collect it, a box containing five of every flavour of Freddo. Not satisfied, I kept going and eventually (was it simply my persistence?) won first prize. Now, this was really exciting as I had to actually appear on the show. On live TV! I sat in the studio audience with my sister, waiting for my brief, nerve-wracking appearance on screen. My 'thank-you' was so shy and quiet that Mum and Dad watching at home couldn't hear it. The highlight of the night, however, came as the studio audience filed out at the end of the show. We were farewelled by Humphrey and, oh my goodness, I was allowed to kiss him on the nose. I can't begin to explain how exciting that was. Part of an ongoing series of South Australian Icons.

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