Akurra Adnya

Paintings of people and waterholes, snake and bird tracks are among many of the details that make up this 5000 year old dreamtime story telling of the land that is the Flinders Ranges. Akurra Adnya are the Adnymathanha peoples’ words for what is now know as Arkaroo Rocks, on the eastern wall of Wilpena Pound. According to the Dreamtime story the serpent Akurra was the creator of Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges. The paintings is made with red, yellow and white ochre, charcoal, animal fat and blood. The painting, protected by a large rock overhang is too big for one photograph. The work is made up of eight images stitched together to eliminate distortion. Permission was given by an Adnymathanha representative to produce this work.
Flinders Ranges
rock painting

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