100 Years of Frog Cakes


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Anyone who grew up in Adelaide will have eaten at least one frog cake in their lives. For the uninitiated, a frog cake consists of a sponge cake base, with a jam centre, topped with artificial cream, covered with a layer of fondant icing. The open mouth is formed with a hot knife and eyes added in contrasting fondant. They were introduced into the Balfours’ range in the 1920s, after one of the family members returned from Paris, inspired by petit fours he saw there. Tea rooms were popular at that time, and it was one of the ‘assorted fancies’ introduced, but soon became a mascot for the company. Originally exclusively green, later chocolate and pink versions were added. The recipe remains identical to this day. A century later, there’s no denying they are an SA icon. And yes, there is one hundred in this print! Like the cakes themselves this print is available in green, pink or brown or, if you can't decide, why not a mixture of all three? Please specify when ordering.
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Frog Cake
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