About Shop SALA

Shop SALA is still in development. Our aim is to make a platform that is informed and supported by artists. Here you can read about what we are working towards and what you can expect to see as the site develops further.

We are working with a limited number of artists at the moment while the platform is in its pilot phase. The second phase of Shop SALA will be expanded to include more features for artists to show their work and more interaction for audiences. We are custom building this platform and are testing each step with artists as we develop to ensure it meets the needs of users. It is important for us to get it right so that this platform can truly be beneficial to South Australian artists.

Our vision and future goals for the platform include:

  • Supporting artists across South Australia
  • Increasing the number of artists our platform can support
  • Ensuring that Shop SALA reaches new audiences
  • Creates innovative ways to engage with audiences

Current Features and Future Goals for our Site

Our Current Aims for the SALA Platform

  • A fully integrated artist dashboard
  • Guides, tutorials, and a fully-fledged support system
  • Easy to create artist accounts
  • Search functions
  • Favourite and follow local artists

Our Future Aims for the SALA Platform

  • QR code generators to facilitate easy transactions
  • View artwork in your own space with “preview”
  • Favourite or follow your favourite artists
  • Advanced filters for searches
  • Interactive map of South Australia to discover new artists based on regions
  • Advanced messaging system
  • Artwork notifications
  • Advanced calculator for shipping and packaging
  • Full integration across all features