Peter Hastwell

PETER HASTWELL is a Kangaroo Island based multidisciplinary artist, specializing in photography and hand coloured lino prints for which he has won various awards. His work is featured in private collections on Kangaroo Island, the Australian mainland and overseas. His work draws largely from environmental issues, but also history, immersion in other cultures, child abuse, poverty, and the wonder of his surrounding world and yet it is the demise of the natural world where he feels the deepest cut and has done so for as long as he remembers. “During bushfires and a world pandemic I appreciated my own comfort as people lost their livelihoods, their houses, their lives but it is that which cannot be replaced in the natural world that dominated my thoughts. Comfort and pain, loss and return. In this context, it is the return that I want hope for. Time is ticking and the time to act is now.”